In the Field

This was an amazing photoshoot. Her skin and her outfit were perfectly matched with the scenery.

f/1.2 ISO 200 and 1/2500 sec

Come Away With Me

I love the alluring feel of this photo. Taundra was holding my hand as I snapped the photo.

f/1.4 ISO 200 and 1/8000 sec

The Story

I was driving around one day and I saw that field that looked perfect to shoot some photos. I told Taundra about it and we drove over there. We hopped a fence and starting shooting.

f/2 ISO 200 and 1/1000 sec
f/2 ISO 200 and 1/640 sec
f/2 ISO 200 and 1/640 sec
f/2 ISO 200 and 1/640 sec
f/1.2 ISO 200 and 1/8000 sec

Photo Collage

Here is a photo collage of the photos that I took in the wheat field with Taundra.

Camera and Lenses

I used the Leica 42.5mm and 25mm lens on my Panasonic LUMIX GH5. I prefer the crisp and beautiful look of the 42.5mm but I like the convenience and size of the 25mm lens.

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