Baby Gender Reveal w/ Antoniette

Allow me to introduce Antoinette and her husband Antoine. Yes, the wife’s name is Antoniette and the husband’s name is Antoine.

Tell me that’s not crazy!!!!! I was so excited when I heard that. I was like, “Tell me more…so what are you naming your baby if it’s a boy and what about if it’s a girl?” Antoinette was so beautiful in her white dress. They truly are an adorable couple. I am so grateful for the opportunity.

Here’s the gender reveal video I made for them.

This was my first time shooting a gender reveal video. I was asked to do it and I was open to new experiences and opportunities. I watched a couple of gender reveal videos to get a general idea of what is suppose to happen, and then I listened to the song for inspiration. The song “Why I Love You” by MAJOR! is amazing and I cried the first time I heard it. I wasn’t like boohoo crying but a few tears tripped and fell out of my eyes.

The editing process went well. I shot the video the way I wanted to edit so the scenes lined up perfectly, the footage was well-lit, and the music fit the video perfectly. I hope you like the video because I LOVE IT!!!! Let me know if you cried a tear or two.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my page. Love ya!

5 Questions To Ask Before Buying A New Camera

Melvin Riley Jr. 5 questions

Thinking about buying a new camera? Here are five questions to ask yourself before you make that purchase. I’ve spoken with many people who were interested in buying a new camera, and I asked them what features and aspects of a camera were most important. One of the mistakes that I made with past purchases was only thinking about my present interests and not what I might like in the future. Make sure you take that into consideration when making your purchase.

I hope these five questions help you along your purchasing journey:

1. What Do I Want To Capture? Some options are portraits, street photography, sports photography, wildlife, baby showers, landscape, fashion and modeling, and documentary films? Is your primary focus capturing photos or recording video?

2. What Am I Currently Using To Capture? Do you have an Android device or an iPhone? Maybe you have an older camera that’s just lying around or a friend’s camera that you occasionally use.

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Beauty Model Liza Sanchez

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Liza Sanchez. While I wouldn’t consider myself to be a professional in any category, I did my best to make sure I was professional in the sense that I prepared as well as possible for this shoot. Have I done an outdoor photo shoot before? Have I done a beauty video for a client before? Am I an expert on lighting, videography, cinematography, and photography?

The answer to all of those questions is NO! I am not an expert in videography and I am still learning about photography. Taking the time to visualize and create the videos and images that are in my head is a challenging but very rewarding goal. I do my best to make sure that the content I create doesn’t go to my head, and I don’t “scoreboard watch” but I keep creating content. Continue reading… Beauty Model Liza Sanchez