It’s no secret, I know that I will die one day. When I die, I hope that I was a great example for my children, and I hope that I have inspired them to pursue their dreams like their life depended on it. I don’t want to die. I want to be around as long as possible so I can see my children become successful contributors to society. I believe that information should be shared and not hoarded, so I want to share the life lessons that I’ve learn with my kids. I don’t know when I will die so the life lesson videos might be for their teenage years, adulthood, parenthood, and just general information that can make life easier for them. Here is a video explaining why I decided to make life lesson videos for my children.

I have finished a couple of Life Lesson videos already. This next video is something I have to keep telling myself because I baby my kids sometimes and prevent them from experiencing life. Mainly when it comes to the weather over here in England. Most of the time it is too cold and I don’t want my kids to play outside because then that means that I have to go out in the cold. Easy fix for that is to bundle up. Check out the video down below.

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