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Thinking about buying a new camera? Here are five questions to ask yourself before you make that purchase. I’ve spoken with many people who were interested in buying a new camera, and I asked them what features and aspects of a camera were most important. One of the mistakes that I made with past purchases was only thinking about my present interests and not what I might like in the future. Make sure you take that into consideration when making your purchase.

I hope these five questions help you along your purchasing journey:

1. What Do I Want To Capture? Some options are portraits, street photography, sports photography, wildlife, baby showers, landscape, fashion and modeling, and documentary films? Is your primary focus capturing photos or recording video?

2. What Am I Currently Using To Capture? Do you have an Android device or an iPhone? Maybe you have an older camera that’s just lying around or a friend’s camera that you occasionally use.

3. What features are must haves? Features include options like flip-out screen, more megapixels, 1080p and 4K recording, image stabilization, smaller and lighter camera body, and wireless functionality?

4. Why can’t I use my current equipment to capture what I want the way that I want to? Is your current equipment missing a feature that you believe will help you capture what you want the way you want to, or are you just wanting something new because you haven’t taken the time to learn about what you can do with what you have? I love new tech so if this is your excuse then I cannot blame you, but I hope that you make sure the tech you want fulfills a need.

5. What cameras are you interested in and which ones fall within your budget? So, what is your budget? Is it $500, $1000, $1500, or $2000? Keep in mind that most cameras do not come with lenses because you have the option of purchasing the camera body separately. The camera kit might be a good option for you because it comes with a basic zoom lens which is good for well-lit environments. Do you research, and if you have time then I would wait for an upcoming holiday to make your purchase. You can also trade in old camera equipment and use those funds towards your new camera. 

I hope this information helped you in some way. Don’t forget to check out the “5 Questions” video. Please free to leave a comment, and SHARE it with everybody.

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